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nakanomori_band's Journal

I say WALEVER! ~Nakanomori Band Comm~
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Welcome to Livejournal's current only community about the Japanese girl-band Nakanomori Band! Here you can talk about Nakanomori Band, post news or pictures, hear mp3's and watch videos about Nakanomori Band and so forth!

Hopefully this comm will interest you in Nakanomori Band, so you can support their music!

Nakanomori Band (中ノ森Band) is a 5-piece girl band under Teichiku Entertainment. You may have seen the band's leading vocalist, Ayako Nakanomori, get 2nd place in the 2000 Starlight Auditions (loosing out to W-ind's vocalist Keita Tachibana)

Nakanomori Band's music is a blend of J-pop and English style rock, mixed in with Ayako's wonderful husky voice.

Ayako. Main vocalist and guitarist. Face of the band. Gets 80% of the publicity. Likes using "(^O^)"'s and/or "(@_@;)"'s

Yucco. Bassist. Gets invited to Takoyaki parties.

Tomoe. Guitarist. (until 10/2005)

Cheeta. Drummer. Known for her crazy-ass hair.

Shinamon. Keyboardist. Taji from X Japan look-a-like and professional gloomy keyboardist. Likes romantic novels.

Nakanomori Band have released 2 singles (Whatever and Raspberry Pie, with a third probably coming, as well as an album.

I don't have all the files of Nakanomori Band, so heres what I don't have:

Raspberry Pie (CD Cover/Inside scans)
Sentimental Place (Instrumental)
Whatever (Instrumental)
Whatever (Music Fighter Live) (2005.05.20)
Whatever [PV]
ANY TV interviews/lives not listed.

If anyone is able to find these files, I will give them a special treat! ^^

Official Website
wiki.theppn profile

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