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Breaking up

Posted by beimprobable on 2009.07.19 at 02:00
Nakanomori Band and announced that they are breaking up. Everyone here probably already knows, but I thought I'd make an official post even if the post is a little old.

TheMall Sendai Acoustic Live 1/31 Ayako and Shinamon

Posted by beimprobable on 2008.02.04 at 23:37
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I know this community has been dead for a while, but I thought I'd post this.

Ayako and Shinamon will do three acoustic lives at three malls to promote the new single "Kaze ni naritai", a Tetsuro Yoshida cover. The song is also used for the film "Kekkon Shiyou Yo." The first event took place last Thursday evening at TheMall Sendai (yes, that's the actual name of the mall). Since I'm not too far from Sendai, I went to the event.

The live event was fairly short, only about thirty minutes, but Ayako and Shinamon are great performers, talking to the crowd between songs, and even making people pause in their shopping to stand around until the show ended. Even on the floor above us, they stopped to listen. I was quite proud at that. I got there five minutes late, and they had -just- finished "Oh My Darlin'" as I approached. I was a little sad at that as it was the song that got me into them. The rest of the songs they played were songs I didn't know (and of course Kaze ni naritai, which i hadn't heard before that night), but I do know the last one, a piano ballad, was called "Day by Day" and I hope it's on the new album. I really liked the performance.

As I thought, I was the only foreigner there and I stood out like a sore thumb. I felt pretty self-conscience, haha, but I got in line the autograph line afterward, because, I mean, hey, when next will I get this chance? Shinamon was the first to sign. She shook my hand and thanked me for coming and supporting them. And Ayako did the same, only she held on to my hand and said something in Japanese that was so fast it fried my brain. I couldn't formulate a japanese sentence -at all-. So, I must have had this stunned expression on my face like, "I have no idea what you just said!" So she asked me if I was okay with Japanese -in Japanese- first, and then in English, which I appreciated and found adorable.

And that's about it. I got my cd, two complimentary postcards, and then I was free to grab some dinner, do a little shopping, and head home in time to get to bed at a decent hour.

I didn't take any pictures with my camera OR phone as others were, but I -should- have.

Anyway, the new album, as of yet untitled, is scheduled for release on March 5th. Keep an eye out for it!

Komatsu Ayaka - Welcome to my world


Posted by 58468_0 on 2007.02.04 at 22:13
Hi guys, mizbrified_box has made me your new mod. If you have any suggestions for the community, bring them on :D

Maintainer Take Over

Posted by mizbrified_box on 2007.02.05 at 01:22
Does anyone wanna take over running this community? I've totally left it just lying there for ages.


Hello ~

Posted by seisyun_punk on 2006.12.18 at 19:37
Hi, new here. I never knew there was a community for Naka no Mori Band so i was pretty excited to join. I've known the band since I saw them on Pop Jam's edition of Rock Jam last year where they performed their "Oh my Darlin'" single. I thought it was catchy and well, yeah. I'm always a sucker for cute j-pop girl bands despite my main musical interests(which is mostly the opposite I think XD).
I went on a trip to Japan more then 6 months ago where I got my hands on the Oh my Darlin single and unfortunately passed up their first(was it rasberry pie? I honestly was scared of the album). I also saw their I need love PV and later saw it performed on Pop Jam(I know a user here asked about that awhile back). I'm looking to get at least their first album with the first press sometime and listen to more of their recent works.

They were on Music BB recently and the torrent for the show is on jpopsuki now. If you like, I wouldnt mind uploading the show for everyone so you don't have to go through that. There are also alot of quick recommends on the program for other artists I like so It was a really good thing to get it.

thanks, i hope I am welcome here
P.S. and if anyone wants to give me some of Naka no Mori Bands videos I'd appreciate it. I havent been able to find much besides I need love :/ Anyway It'd be appreciated but not required ^_^


"Toy" cover

Posted by 58468_0 on 2006.11.24 at 12:55
Hihi everyone~ I was in a Mexican restaurant today when a very familiar song came on...and I realized it was "Toy", only with Spanish lyrics! xD; I'm assuming Nakanomori BAND's is the cover, so my question is who did the original and what is it called? Has it been sung by others?

EDIT: Thank you, Asian wiki. xD I checked the album page but it wasn't there. Should've known it was Belinda!
EDIT 2: WTF, I even have this song. xD

KERA June 2006

Posted by beimprobable on 2006.08.31 at 20:36
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There was an article in the June issue of KERA about the band. I thought to scan it for everyone. Ayako also decorated a cat statue for a special something or other in the issue so I went ahead and scanned that too. ^^ The right of that scan is fuzzy because my arm got tired of holding the other half of the magazine...sorry about that. -_-'

Click thumbnails for large pics.



where are everybody?

Posted by zukito on 2006.08.10 at 20:01
anyone here??? hello?? :S

Nakanomori BAND new PV ~Fly high~

Posted by zukito on 2006.08.06 at 16:38
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got great news, Nakanomori BAND has released a new PV titled "Fly high" i'll try to put some caps here later on, and an audio rip too...

here is it (audio rip) http://www.sendspace.com/file/00wl1w

and here are some caps ^^

boa chandelier

5 members? + Icons!

Posted by tainted_crimson on 2006.07.03 at 18:39
Can anyone give me details and such on why there were five members at the Music Express live, but only four in the video? Is one just an extra player for the live, or a new member? I'm so confused...

ALSO, I posted a bunch of icons/bases over at tainted_eyecons! Lots of Nakanomori BAND goodness for the sharing.

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